About Us

• Italian Ministries – IM
The promoter of Congresso MISSIONE is Italian MinistriesIM, an Italian missional network founded in the 90s that currently has more than 130 members throughout the country. IM is committed to promoting and supporting the mission to, in and from Italy.
IM is a platform at the service of its members and provides support on different levels. In particular, it is active in administrative dealings, the implementation of Events and directly into Mission, in particular through its Gruppo Missionario Italiano (GMI).

• Organization M20
Congresso MISSIONE is coordinated by an Executive Committee: Gian Luca Derudas, Giuseppe Palermo, Markino Martella, Stefano Staniscia, Leonardo Cicerale.

• The history of Congresso MISSIONE
Italian Ministries
regularly organizes a national mission congress to inform, challenge and to train the Church in Italy to a vision for mission.
The 7th M18 Event – “Passion” (November 2018) held in three cities: Milan, Naples and Palermo with Louie Giglio, founder of Passion Ministries (USA) and pastor of the Passion City Church.
– The 6th Event M16 – “The Passion of God for the Mission” (June 2016) took place in collaboration with other Christian organizations (over 1500 participants). In parallel with the Congress, mini-conferences were held, managed by partner organizations. Main speaker: John Piper founder of the ministry Desiring God (USA).
The 5th Event M14 – “The Mission in the 21st Century” (November 2014) was organized with the partnership of numerous other Christian ministries (there were over 400 congress participants). Simultaneously there were several other mini-conferences organised by partner ministries. Main speakers: Lindsay Brown (International Director of the Lausanne Movement) and David Robertson (Scotland).
The 4th Event M12 – “Hope in a world in crisis” (November 2012) with an emphasis on the missionary mandate of the church in the world. The Congress was organised with WEC Italia and over ministries (there were over 400 participants). There were 4 ‘Parallel Tracks’ programmes. Main speaker: Patrick Johnstone (Great Britain).
The 3th Event M10 – “Mission, more than an easy stroll…” (September 2010) underlining the cost of mission (over 250 participants). There were 7 parallel programmes presented each by a different organisation. Main speaker: Ajith Fernando (Sri Lanka).
The 2th Event M08 – “From the ends of the earth …” (September 2008) with a strong emphasis on the great opportunity and missionary responsibility for the Italian church facing an increasingly multi-ethnic society (over 300 participants). Main speaker: Jay Smith (UK).
The 1th Event M06 – “Beyond the borders …” (September 2006) enjoyed the presence of different speakers, with the special participation of the of George Verwer (founder of Operation Mobilization). There were more than 300 participant at this first congress.